Packing up holiday cheer for a cheerier next year

January 17, 2012

Ok – it’s January 17th and I still haven’t put away my holiday decorations. I don’t want the holiday season to be over! I love twinkle lights and ornaments and wreaths. I love all of the silly holiday photo frames with family poses from years past, and homemade ornaments that prompt the telling of silly stories. I especially love all of the photo holiday cards from my friends and family that I have displayed around the house.

All good things must come to an end though, I suppose.  Here are some packing-up tips that will help make the season that much brighter next year when you bring out all the holiday cheer again:

1. Wind lights around a piece of cardboard to keep them from getting tangled, and make it easier than ever to re-hang them. HINT – use a piece of cardboard 12″ wide and for every time you wrap your lights around once, you’ll know how many total feet you have. You can write the length on the cardboard and take the guesswork out of next year’s lighting scheme ideas.

Curved ends keep lights from slipping off

2. See what’s tattered, broken or missing now, and hit the sales to re-stock! Many department stores have large holiday clearance sections throughout January with really quality items. Don’t be surprised that you’re one stocking short next year and have to shell out a small fortune, go hunt for a bargain now.

3. Love to try to save the prettiest gift wrap you received – only to never use it again? Wrap your delicate ornaments in tissue and gift wrap to keep them safe until next year. You can feel good about re-using while protecting your baubles and bits!

4. Change out holiday photos in seasonal frames now before packing them up, with some of your newest favorite moments from this year’s celebrations. That way you can concentrate all your energy on enjoying your friends and family and taking new photos!

Best family photo ever (till next year!)



Holiday clean-up

December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! (Almost.)

Have a New Year’s resolution to be more organized this year? An easy way to start is with your holiday clean-up.

If you’re like me and have inherited ornaments you’d like to keep safe, a wreath, fun tchotchkes, twinkle lights, or any other seasonal fare, consider customized storage solutions to protect your items and make them easy to find again next year.

Try doing a shopping search on your favorite browser for great deals and sales after the New Year. Here are some bright ideas:

Organize It All Polybox Set of Six Holiday Light Storage Boxes

Organize It All Holiday Light Storage Boxes – Hate tangled lights? Use spools to keep them manageable.

Iris Iris Holiday Storage Bin Large - Ornament Dividers (100651)- Set of 2

Iris Holiday Storage Bin with Ornament Dividers – Organize your baubles by color and see all your stuff in this clear bin.

Product Image Honey-Can-Do SFT-01598 Wrapping Paper and Bow Storage Organizer, Holiday Red

Honey Can-Do Wrapping Paper and Bow Storage Organizer – Low profile makes this easy to tuck underneath furniture in “Santa’s workshop,” wherever that may be.

Santa’s Bag Collection – Heavy-duty, all-red suite of matching seasonal storage bags keep all of your items coordinated and tucked away until next year.


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