Update to Cranky-pants 1/20/12 Pinterest Post

I totally take back my snarkiness in my earlier post – Pinterest is the greatest thing ever. Since I’m constantly collecting ideas about how to do things better, differently, more – I’ve found that I can categorize all those ideas in an organized way into specific boards. A few I’ve started with include:

  • Cleaning Tips
  • Small Item Organizing
  • Clever Tricks for the Home
  • Organized Furniture and Home Design
  • Laundry and Mudroom Organizing

I also LOVE the new secret board capabilities. I can set up boards of draft ideas that aren’t fully flushed out yet and keep them on the down-low (my personal dream home design ideas, for instance, or a board for a very specific project or client).

I’m following a few other pinners and boards and am enjoying receiving email updates with recommendations for others I might like to follow, or pins I might like.

Goodbye giant 3-ring binder full of torn magazine pages and web print-outs. Hello new digital idea book!

Pinterest, will you forgive me? I think we can be bestest friends.


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