Back siding – day 2

March 18, 2010

So cool. All the siding is up. Door is in. Gutters and downspouts are next.




Back siding – day 1

March 17, 2010

My morning visit to the house left me feeling very impressed with how much of the siding of the back (west) exterior our crew got done yesterday.  Once the exterior siding is completed, we’ll be able to start building the back deck.  Apparently the huge pile of dirt will get towed away in the next day or two, which will help make it actually feel like a yard again, rather than a dump.  We’re told that siding may have been finished today, although I didn’t get home until after dark, so haven’t stopped by to see.  Will check in in the morning.


Wow factor

March 4, 2010

Dottie doesn’t realize that I’m home today because I’m sick and need to rest.  All she knows is that it’s sunny, and she wants to go out and play.  After 20 minutes of trying to ignore her kissing and pawing at me this morning, I finally gave in and took her for a short walk – by the house of course.

And there it was.  There was the wow factor I’ve been waiting for.  The bright sun was shining on the fully-sided front of the house. Yay!

I didn’t have the energy to head around to the back of the house, but I did hear hammers pounding and I can only hope that our siding crew is busy transforming our plywood mish-mosh into the closer-to-finished version we have going on in the front.  We’ll eventually paint the corner trim gray to blend with the siding color. Still determining whether to go gray or white for the window trim.  I’m looking forward to getting the new gutters up too – such a small thing, but it’ll be one more accent helping give the house a more complete feel.

I haven’t been inside for a couple of days, but I hear that the mudding is wrapping up, and sanding has begun. I am anticipating a dust storm when I venture in – maybe later today. We’ll see how I’m feeling.


Inch by inch

February 28, 2010

There has been just a little bit more progress on front Hardie installation – which you can see from the photo below.  Inside, the taping and mudding is coming along a lot more quickly.  Despite being EXTREMELY messy, the living quarters are looking fantastic.  Of course, the difference between open framing and closed drywall spaces was such a shocker at first.  Without ceilings between the floors everything looked so huge and spacious.  But after a few days of getting used to each of the spaces being closed up, the house still feels very open and generous.  The best is the brightness.  Even on gloomy gray days the house feels so light and airy!  I couldn’t be happier with our window choices.

Front of house as of 2/27/10


Both sides sided – front started

February 25, 2010

Ayesh and I have both been sick this week, and I haven’t had much energy to go for very long walks with Dot in the morning, so I haven’t been stopping by the house.  From a few check-in calls with our contractor, Mike, we’ve known that our construction guys got all the drywall up and early this week got the heater up and running so that they could start taping and mudding.  Apparently the mud won’t dry if it’s too cold.

Ayesh stayed home from work today and shortly before sunset, decided she had just enough strength to go check on the progress of the work.  So she suited herself and Dot up (you’ll see her below in her yellow winter coat) and took plenty of photos for me.


Going green

February 22, 2010

Waking up to a gray, yucky, slushy mess outside this morning (and a sore throat, ugh!), it’s a relief to know that I don’t need to worry about any moisture seeping through the unfinished outside areas of the house and into our new drywall.

While the Hardie board siding is going up slower than I had expected, I am reassured that we’ll be protected from the elements by our GreenGuard underlayment – just one of the many green products we’ve incorporated into the re-construction of this house.

We went with the MAX building wrap as a water and air barrier that provides excellent moisture protection and energy efficiency.  This product is non-perforated, which makes it particularly resistant against rain (and at this time of year, snow and slush) before the cladding goes on, and water that may seep through the cladding after installation.

It seems to have stopped snowing for the time being (although the stupid forecast is calling for scattered flurries tomorrow through the rest of the week), so hopefully we’ll see a bit more progress by the end of today.


Progress in & out

February 17, 2010

Swung by the house for just a moment this morning and it looks like insulation is done!

Siding is climbing, and is up past the windows now.

Here are a few bright & early shots:


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