Inspiration & Resources

Finding inspiration is an integral part of any creative process.  I’ve stumbled upon a number of online resources that truly run the gamut of design styles and media, from architectural and image graphics to home and furniture construction, real estate, landscaping, shopping and more.

Here are some of my current favorites:

Better Homes & Gardens – Not only can you surf decorating, home improvement, crafts and gardening information, but you can also register a profile and save clippings and articles that you want to collect for later reference.

Floor Planner – My newest, most favorite FREE tool on the web.  For anyone planning out a new space, reconfiguring a remodel, or simply inspired to move furniture around, I recommend checking out  And you can pay for a membership to create multiple projects too.

Home to Chicago – Chicago realtor, Sue Fox, writes about real estate, financing, and other home-buying trends.

Real Simple – A fantastic resource for pretty much anything and everything, always. The Home & Organizing section has helpful tips for record keeping, cleaning, storage, home improvement, green living and more.

See others in the following categories:





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