About me

Measuring out rooms and moving furniture around has always been a hobby for me. I love to see how I can change my surroundings. I hate cleaning, but I love the feeling of having my space around me clean, organized and easy to use. I’m all about efficacy and practicality. I want everything to be intuitive.

I also want everything to look good. I started off my professional career in museum and gallery work. After several years as a curatorial assistant at a contemporary art museum, I wanted to broaden my experience beyond the gallery walls – I wanted to learn how to run the whole organization.

Many years later, although I dedicate my day-time hours toward writing, program design, and fundraising for a national nonprofit organization, I still head home from work (if I don’t stop at the Container Store first) to my colored pencils, HGTV and DIY favorite shows, and spend time sketching out furniture ideas, plans for organizing every cabinet and closet in the house, and thoughts on the must-haves for my dream home.

Over the years I’ve helped friends and family tackle problem-rooms, challenging layouts, out-of-control closets and overflowing storage areas. My tool belt is filled with sharpies and a label maker, along with my trusty tape measure. After helping a friend of mine with a much-needed closet cleanse, purge and reorg, she told me I should have my own show akin to Clean House.

I do consult!  If you want to learn more about how I could help you de-clutter, organize and simplify your life, check out some of the Other Places projects or email me at place4evrything@gmail.com.


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