Insulation and siding finally happening!

February 15, 2010

I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.  Lucky Ayesh, who has the day off today (hooray President’s day!) stopped by the house and called me with the news – we’ve got a flurry of activity going on at the homestead!

There are two guys working on outside siding and three guys working on inside insulation.  She asked one of the isulation guys inside how long he thought it might take to get all the insluation in (guessing that it might take a couple of days) and he guessed that they might get it finished today, considering all the hands on deck.

Here are a few shots of the noon-time progress:



Vaulted master

November 9, 2009

The Sunday foray to the house was VERY exciting.  Electrical conduit piping is routed around all the interior and exterior walls on both floors.  Can light boxes are in place in the ceilings on both floors.  HVAC duct work is going in to the basement and can be seen through the first few vent cut-outs on the first floor.  The floors are all patched up and no longer have any scary holes around the area where the chimney used to be. I could do cartwheels across the length of the living and dining room space now if I wanted to.  Or was able to. But I’m old and uncoordinated. So I won’t. Cause I can’t.

Most exciting is that the second floor, master bedroom feels dramatically different than it did earlier in the week.  The old exterior stairwell area that we’ve begun converting into living space has a completely new roof that, rather than being a flat adjunct as it used to be, is now an extension of our A-frame.  You can really see the difference from the outside:

Old flat roof

Old flat roof on the attached stairwell space


Newly built roof matches the existing roofline

Newly built section on the now-turned-living-space that matches the existing roofline


On the inside, the room feels wonderfully tall and airy.  The room is approximately 13’ x 15’ but it feels bigger now – it feels like a grand master.  Plus, with the skylight cutout, it’s light and bright, even towards dusk, which is when I was there.

Master skylight

View of the master bedroom skylight cutout


Master closet framing

Sunlight streaming in through the windows and skylight and bouncing off the framing of the master closet



Old framing OUT!

November 1, 2009

I went over to the Wednesday evening, but it was so dreary I didn’t get many good photos that accurately reflect the enormity of changes.  When I entered the house I saw that all the old framing had been torn out – the first and second floors were completely OPEN.

Wednesday views of first floor:


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