New roof in two days? Done.

January 27, 2010

Yes, they totally got the roof done in just two days.  On Saturday Ayesh and I got up early and walked over to the house to see the whole bunch of roofers already hard at work.  It was crazy to see debris literally falling all over the yard.  Two hours later, we drove past the house again on the way to to the home supply showroom to look at faucets and fixtures, and were stunned to see a guy with a giant pitchfork stabbing at the layers of tile on the front porch roof.  Another two hours later, after our errands, the porch roof was completely bare and the guys appeared to be finishing off the top of the house.  Last stop: just before sunset, we drove past a quiet, serene and clean house and yard.  All done.  Too dark to take photos, so I went back Sunday morning to snap a final shot.

Three layers of old shingles were removed; new decking installed and brand new Timberline shingles in a sleek shade of dark gray now adorn our new roof.



Razing the roof

January 22, 2010

Roofing crew arrived this bright and clear morning to rip off the old layers of roof and give us a new one. They say they only need two days – that tomorrow night they’ll be done. I’ll believe it when I see it.  


Vaulted master

November 9, 2009

The Sunday foray to the house was VERY exciting.  Electrical conduit piping is routed around all the interior and exterior walls on both floors.  Can light boxes are in place in the ceilings on both floors.  HVAC duct work is going in to the basement and can be seen through the first few vent cut-outs on the first floor.  The floors are all patched up and no longer have any scary holes around the area where the chimney used to be. I could do cartwheels across the length of the living and dining room space now if I wanted to.  Or was able to. But I’m old and uncoordinated. So I won’t. Cause I can’t.

Most exciting is that the second floor, master bedroom feels dramatically different than it did earlier in the week.  The old exterior stairwell area that we’ve begun converting into living space has a completely new roof that, rather than being a flat adjunct as it used to be, is now an extension of our A-frame.  You can really see the difference from the outside:

Old flat roof

Old flat roof on the attached stairwell space


Newly built roof matches the existing roofline

Newly built section on the now-turned-living-space that matches the existing roofline


On the inside, the room feels wonderfully tall and airy.  The room is approximately 13’ x 15’ but it feels bigger now – it feels like a grand master.  Plus, with the skylight cutout, it’s light and bright, even towards dusk, which is when I was there.

Master skylight

View of the master bedroom skylight cutout


Master closet framing

Sunlight streaming in through the windows and skylight and bouncing off the framing of the master closet



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