My Place

I’ve always been very opinionated about organizing my places.  But my opinions constantly change and evolve in every space I live. There’s never just one right way to do something. You can add one element or subtract one piece of furniture and then you have dozens of configurations to consider. And I love all of it.

After years of making due in rental residential spaces with white walls, tiny closets, hand-me-down furniture and short-term storage for all those items that don’t fit into that year’s apartment, I bought my very own condo in 2007.  I picked out all of the paint and splashed color onto every wall.  I bought brand new furniture. I designed my lighting scheme with a beautiful mother-of-pearl chandelier in the living room and mod wall sconces for the bathroom. I installed every piece of artwork like I was curating my very own gallery.  I built shelves in the storage closet that perfectly fit my toolbox and other home necessities.  I bought some pre-fab pieces for the clothes closets that transformed the efficiency of the little 4’ x 3’ room. I was in lust with my new space.

As I lived there longer, however, I noticed some things about the layout, materials and fixture choices that I would have done differently if I had developed the unit myself. Of course, having cable television and a growing addiction to the HGTV and DIY channels probably helped fuel those thoughts.

So when the opportunity arose in the late summer of 2009 to view a dumpy-looking fixer-upper in the neighborhood, I jumped at the chance.  And I have to be honest, I fell in love at first sight. I saw past the jumble of rooms of the converted two-flat and saw tons of potential. It had high ceilings and, despite having only a few small windows, was awash in warm light.  Long story longer, my girlfriend and I decided to buy it and rehab the 1908 house to reflect some of it’s original beautiful craftsman features (like the front stairwell which may well be the thing I love the most) in an updated, open-concept, more modern context.

These My Place blog entries are about renovating my first home and cataloging the transformation.  Read all about My Place here:

My place featured in Time Out Chicago



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