“Purge and Merge” success story!

February 17, 2011

From storage depot to happy home.  Here is a success story from one of my first clients:

After years of owning, but never really living in her property, this client called me to help her transform the condo that she’s been using mainly as “storage” space into a comfy, cozy home where she and her significant other could make a life and family together.  I met with both of them to talk through goals, objectives and the desired end result and I designed a blueprint and worked out a timeline and plan of action that everyone agreed on.

We tackled the WHOLE place – a generous two-bedroom, one bath, with large living, dining, kitchen and a bonus sunny front den, along with basement storage.  Each week we concentrated on a different place in the house and gradually transformed the chaos.

For two and a half months, I worked with the client to sort, group, purge, and re-purpose her belongings in a way that helped her create a new place that welcomed her partner and her partner’s belongings.  Along the way I taught her some tips and tricks for organizing and arranging her space that best suited her needs, so that she could keep it up after I was gone.

Watch the transformation below!

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Client testimonial:

As Jess’ client’s partner, I have to say I was amazed at the transformation of my new home when I arrived with my belongings on moving day.  I could never have envisioned having more than enough space for my furniture, clothes, and personal items just a few weeks before.  But it wasn’t only about creating space – I was thrilled to discover that Jess also has a knack for rearranging rooms and organizing “stuff” into aesthetically appealing configurations that made our home very livable, cozy, and easy to navigate.  In the midst of our hectic and busy lives, we have Jessica to thank for leading and guiding us through a well thought out plan that resulted in a moving and settling-in process that was much more relaxed and easy than either of us could have ever imagined!  




Small change = big difference

August 7, 2010

We’ve been crazy busy trying to live around piles of boxes, unpacking little by little as we finish the last of the punch list projects around the house.  This week was a productive week in terms of touch-ups, re-wiring, repairs and the like.  A lot of little things that add up.  We installed the second of our two dining pendants and FINALLY got our back-ordered curtain panels for the first floor.

I was amazed how a second layer of fabric and a hint of pattern warmed up our space SO much.  I love the burn-out panels we put up (West Elm is having a sale right now) in coordination with our awesome good-buy white grommet panels (Ikea is the best place for affordable, versatile staple pieces).

It feels wonderful having the first floor transform into a warm, comfortable place for us to relax (while we hide from all of the rest of our boxes that we’ve tucked into what will someday be the office, upstairs).


Fireplace (part deux)

July 27, 2010

Last week, Ayesh was in LA for work and it was an uber busy week for me at home. I furiously worked to put the bathrooms in order (finally!), catch up on laundry and chase rapidly multiplying dog-fur dust bunnies around with the Swiffer.

Oh yes, and witness the fireplace come to life with the final placement of drywall, tape, mud and primer.

As Stacy London would say of any fabulous transformation, “bonjour!”




July 16, 2010

One of my favorite features of the new house is the fireplace we’re having built in the front part of the livingroom. Because the main staircase borrows some living space at the front of the house, it makes this already cozy entry a perfect den, suitable for big arm chairs to curl up in, in front of the windows, on any evening. Plus, both of us have always wanted to have a working fireplace in our home. This one is gas – very urban living friendly.

We got it installed roughly right before our move and our crew has been framing it in and drywalling around it on a couple of occasions since. They were at the house working on it today, in fact. Here are some photos from last week. I’ll have to post the updates later as I am now heading directly from work to the Container Store to finish designing my Elfa closet system that I want for the bedroom. More on this another time 🙂



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