Multi-purpose Murphy

Here’s a long overdue post about a really fun project I worked on turning a seldom-used guest bedroom into a multi-function guest room/craft room/library space.

This project was especially fun because it was for my moms, at their beautiful Madison condo, an airy, spacious 2-bedroom plus den that has been perfect for them for the past several years, since becoming “empty-nesters.”

Over the years the den in the condo had become a fully functional office, a library for books and media, and a storage space for most (but not all) craft supplies in the house. When my mother’s artistic pastimes grew to include loom weaving and stained glass work, it became obvious that the den was not going to continue to work as the “catch-all” work spot in the house, and what made the most sense was for the generously sized guest room to become a more functional multi-purpose space.

What started off as some brainstorming around adding in some simple shelving, soon escalated to ideas about pulling up the carpet and re-evaluating the furniture, even bringing in the same local Amish craftsman who had built their kitchen cabinets for some custom storage solution. They asked me to help them design a full room plan for a workshop of sorts, which could easily transition into a comfortable, mess-free guest room when needed.

I suggested a murphy bed to maximize the space during the majority of it’s non-guest usage, with a drop down table that could be flanked by built-in shelving and cabinetry with doors to hide away supplies and projects-in-process.  A few hand-drawn sketches of my ideas (here’s one: Murphy bed wall design )turned into a wonderful collaboration, resulting in an absolutely beautiful, functional space that the moms love working in, and I love staying in when I come to visit!

Custom murphy wall unit (closed) with built-in desk.

Custom murphy wall unit (closed) with built-in desk.


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