Organize your dinner party like the pros do!

It’s party season, people.

Birthdays, holidays, cookie parties – you name it – with cooler weather brimming, kitchens are heating up everywhere. People are cooking, gathering, drinking and juggling festivities galore. Yay!

Check out these tips that I totally stole from my latest e-newletter from The Chopping Block (ok, technically I’m borrowing since I’m giving credit and linking you to thier awesome website).

Don’t let hosting be a hassle! Here are some holiday entertaining tips from our chefs so you can enjoy your time with friends and family:
– Always make a prep list of what can be done in advanced.
– Create a timeline when everything needs to go into the oven or reheated, especially if you have just one oven.
– Set out all of your platters and bowls and stick a post it on each with the specific dish it will be used for.
– If you have a dishwasher, make sure it is empty. Loading as you go will prevent a kitchen full of dirty dishes and you won’t have to wash dishes with guests in the house.
– If you have guests who like to help out in the kitchen, have a plan of what they can do in advance.
– Assign a willing guest to provide beverages as guests arrive, which will make them feel welcomed right away.
– It’s okay to use a store-bought spread or starter to simplify things.

Happy hosting!


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