Spring-ish garage attack

I really did clean out my garage. Really. And then I went on vacation. And then I came back and it was cold and depressing. Brrr!

Just as I said I would do in early April, I tackled my garage. I literally pulled just about everything out of it, shop-vacced the walls (buh-bye creepy spider eggs), recycled and trashed the junk (ciao cheesy cheetah), and grouped everything that I put back in. How much did I spend? Some sweat, tears (of relief) and a big fat ZERO dollars.

This was just the first step of the process. Now that I know what I own, and because it’s grouped together, I can easily see how much of any one type of thing I have. My wheels are turning for real now – NOW I can think about how I really want my space to function for me. I’m thinking of bringing in some pegboard so I can hang up all my shovels and rakes, and ripping out some of those old crusty shelves and building some new ones in between the studs.

I found some good resources online for inspiration. If you’re thinking of tackling your own garage, check ’em out:


2 Responses to Spring-ish garage attack

  1. John says:

    Elfa has some fantastic garage storage organization options. I recall coveting the collection at The Container Store, while simultaneously knowing that we didn’t have enough stuff in our shared garage to warrant the investment.

    • Oh, don’t I know it! I love Elfa. I just can’t justify spending that much on garage shelving, with my garage in the state it is (damp, leaky, musty, yucky). I think if I had a connected garage that was insulated and dry, I would design my dream set-up in a heartbeat. Ahhhh. Here’s to dreaming 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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