Laundry room lovin’

One of the best decisions I ever made was to make sure that the second floor design of my new house incorporated the laundry units.  When I was growing up the laundry was in the basement and I never liked having to schlep my stuff up and down all those steps.

Of course, the dream I had of a new giant laundry room all decked out with deep countertops and cabinets galore, along with drying racks and sorting bins, was just that – a dream.  I was able, however, to carve out a nice sized closet, big enough to place my washer and dryer side-by-side, so that I could use the wall space above for one largish cabinet (for detergents, etc.) and a hanging clothes rod to air dry delicates.  Considering that all the bedrooms are on the same floor, I couldn’t have asked for better placement, and it’s working out great so far.

Electrical outlets were installed at waist height, just above the height of the machines.  Why so great? It’s the perfect place for me to be able to plug in the iron and/or steamer without having to climb behind my machines or use an extension cord.  I have a small “portable” ironing board which sits right on top of the washer (and hangs on the clothes rod when not in use), and I’m able to do my ironing on the spot, right as I pull items out of the dryer.

Here’s my newest, brightest idea: Keep a bin or box at hand in your laundry room for giveaway items that are still in decent condition but should not be making their way back into your closet. I placed a big plastic bin up above my upper storage cabinet, so I can just toss items up that no longer fit.  The bin is clear so I can see when it’s full.



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