Ready to cozy up by the fire

As the weather begins to cool down and the season changes from summer to fall, I am really glad we decided to add a fireplace to our first floor living space.  It hasn’t gotten cold enough yet to light it up (and I’m grateful – I’m not ready to give up summer yet!) but when the temp drops enough, we’ll be ready!

I posted a couple of pics during the early stage of install: Fireplace and Fireplace (part deux).

The FINAL touches were put in place about a week ago.  Our mantle has been installed!  I love the way it turned out. We were lucky – our contractor found a remnant piece of Caesarstore in Raven, which was one of our preferred favorites when we were scouting our options.  So we were able to save money and still get a great look. Yay!

Caesarstone mantle in Raven


AND – my shelves were installed up top to create finished bookshelf cubbies! I’m so happy! With the mantle in place, I have lovingly dusted out all of my bookshelf cubbies and filled them up with a bunch of my favorite books for a bonus splash of color and interest.  I LOVE the way they turned out.  I totally recommend to anyone installing a fireplace in their home to think about adding some storage shelving into what would otherwise be wasted space.


Pretty + organized functionality = very happy me.


2 Responses to Ready to cozy up by the fire

  1. Luellen says:

    That’s an excellent idea and it looks lovely. where were you when they were finishing up our condo? Actually, because we have a condo on the first floor and beneath the wood floors we have inches of concrete, a lot of the space you were able to use for books was utilized at our place for the electrical chaser to contain the HDMA and electrical cables from our TV. It would be interesting to know if we could still cut some out and put in cubbies for books. No matter how we tried to downsize we still ended up with too many books.
    By the way, my office-mate, Jill, wants to know if the right side where the mantle looks like it could be a seat or shelf opens. She thought it would be a great place to store quilts, afgans, or a black bear skin rug.

    • msjb78 says:

      Hilarious! I wish it opened up for storage – don’t think I didn’t try to sneak that in there! Because of fire safety rules I wasn’t able to sway my GC into creating that for me. The book shelves work up top because they are far enough away from the fireplace not to pose a risk. In an ideal world, I would have loved to see the drywalled space below the fireplace actually become a secret drawer that opens outward – for rug or game storage. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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