Bridging the gap

I’ve been subjected to both mom and sister giving me crap for not updating my blog in for-ever. Guilty. I admit it. I have been so busy working on unpacking and organizing the house, that I  haven’t stopped to share the progress of this work. Yes, I am lame.

One of my favorite changes we recently finished is the bridge we built over the staircase on the second floor.  We wanted a new way to connect the top landing to the back of the house where the bedrooms and bathrooms are, and came up with what we feel is a great modern solution.

It used to be that you’d climb the stairs and come to a doorway on the immediate right (the entrance into a room), or you could take a couple of steps left onto a small, narrow, useless landing that didn’t go anywhere.

Before: View of old staircase going up with view to doorway at right; at top landing looking out at the “dead end”; view of the solid stair rail looking down to first floor.

Now, when you come to the top of the stairs, you can still turn right and go into a room (the office) OR you can turn left, walk a couple of steps onto a small narrow landing and then turn again, take a small step up onto a bridge that crosses over the staircase, and head to the back of the house to where the bedrooms and bathrooms are.

Here’s a look at the process and the finished product:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Don’t let the photos of Dottie lounging on the bridge fool you – it took her a while to get comfortable with it.  When the temporary plywood was first installed, she wouldn’t go over it.  We had to cover it with a sheet for about a week, slowing folding the sheet back until she would go over it.  When the glass was delivered, we had to play the sheet trick again – although it took less time for her to get used to crossing as we folded the sheet back a little more every day.  Now, when I get up with her in the mornings, she gets halfway across the bridge and then turns to look to make sure I’m following her across it.  If I’m not fast enough, she’ll lay across it, feigning boredom and annoyance at me for taking so long to go downstairs and take her outside.  It’s her stage now.  Too funny.)



One Response to Bridging the gap

  1. Luellen says:

    That is so cool! I had to watch it a couple of times to get what you were doing, because when we saw the upstairs it was one big room. with no walls anywhere, oh and no new siding. In places, we could see the outside from inside, so it was hard to visualize all the wonderful things you planned to do. Now, I can’t wait to see it in person. It looks fabulous.

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