Kitchen backsplash going in

The kitchen backsplash has been going in for the past couple of days.  It took us FOREVER to decide on the tile that we finally did.  There are so many really amazing choices out there.  We checked out all of the usual suspects where we had looked for bathroom tile, and then fell in love when we visited Ann Sachs.  They have a fantastic AS Basics line (all under $12/sf).

When we started looking for the right tile, we flip-flopped about whether to go with a larger tile, as has been sort of a theme through the bathrooms, or to go opposite, and choose a smaller mosaic size.  What we ended up going with is classic, white and linear.  After hearing all of the designers on HGTV warn against getting colored tiles (think about the original all pink tiled bathroom we had to rip out) we knew we wanted something neutral that wouldn’t detract too much from our cool cabinetry, and that we could also compliment with any wall and accessory colors for a long time to come. 

Original second floor bath

I think our bright orange espresso maker (thanks Dena and Poonam!) is really going to pop nicely against the simple contrast of white backsplash, white quartz countertop, and multi-gray wood-grain cabinets.



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