So, so close

So much new, where to start?  I’ve been traveling for weeks and am amazed at the changes that I’ve gotten to see after such an absence. From a gutted, empty shell, I’m now starting to see an actual house.

Since the last post, the floors are almost finished – they’ll need one last coat of poly before they can be officially done, but that will happen after everything else is placed and the constant in and out traffic of contractors and construction workers is done.

Kitchen cabinets have gone in. Countertops are in. Appliances are in.  Faucet and sink are in.  All that remains in the kitchen is the tile backsplash, which should be going in on Tuesday.

Woodwork has all been painted and/or stained.  Rooms have been painted. Baseboards have been installed and painted.

Can lights are in, and other light fixtures (closets globes, bathroom sconces, etc.) have been going in.

Here’s a sneak peek at the kitchen as it transforms:

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2 Responses to So, so close

  1. Luellen says:

    Wow! I am green with envy over your stove. That is fabulous. What a cool kitchen. Doesn’t it make you want to cook wonderful and mysterious things?

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