2nd coat of bleach on floors last night, poly tonight!

I haven’t been able to go in the house for the past two days!  Monday morning I stopped by and saw that the floors were freshly sanded, so I didn’t dare step in with my dirty tennies. 

The white oak got it’s first bleach treatment Monday afternoon, and the floor guy came back last night to do the second coat.  I peeked through the back glass sliding door this morning, and it looks incredible.  The yellowy color that stood out after they were freshly sanded is softly muted down under the whitish gray of the bleach and they look kind of “beachy” and relaxed to me.  I love it.

I think they get the first coat of poly tonight, and from what I hear, we’ll have to wait two days before it completely hardens and we can walk on them.  Which means that our kitchen cabinets, that have been sequestered to the dark and dreary garage, may actually see the light of day and earn their rightful place inside the house next week!

Meanwhile, the upstairs bathroom vanities are being installed, and the ipe is going into the master bath.  I hope to get some photos tonight if I can get in through the back stairway.  Oh, the anticipation!

Me and Ayesh peeking in the glass door at the bleached floor


One Response to 2nd coat of bleach on floors last night, poly tonight!

  1. Luellen says:

    I can’t see the floor very well, but I love the picture with the shadows cast across the floors.

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