Ipe prep

This weekend began the process of having the first floor support beam faced with ipe.  The wood was delivered last week, and it’s beautiful. Every piece has a totally unique array of rich chocolately tones.

We first fell in love with the look of ipe decking, and started to see it used more and more as a siding accent on modern homes.  Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects and is known to maintain its integrity for 20 years without preservatives.

When we first opened up the first floor and installed the reinforcing beam, it actually looked kind of cool and industrial, but we didn’t love the look of the composit woods and honestly didn’t love the factory painted codes on the wood either.  The contractor suggested drywalling and staining options, neither of which really sounded all that appealing.

When we were designing our bathrooms, however (spoiler alert!), and started to consider using ipe as an accent in the master, it occurred to us that ipe could be a unique look for facing the first floor support beam.

See prep below.  I’m planning on taking reveal photos tomorrow.


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