A few steps closer

For the past few weeks we’ve been considering floor stains.  We LOVE our beautiful light white oak floors just the way they are now, and we don’t really want to see them change color when we seal them.  In researching how to keep the natural look without darkening or yellowing the color, we found several options that we’ve had our GC explore with his trusty floor guy.  These have included a number of stains, white washes and bleaches.  I think we’ve finally found the right combination of finishes that show off the floors in faux-unfinished glory, with all the protection of being sealed against moisture and muddy paw prints.

It’s a little hard to tell because I didn’t use a flash this morning with the sample size (although you can get a good idea of what the unfinished white oak looks like from the “Trial and error” photo, underneath all of the trials), but the sample practically matches the unfinished floors perfectly.  I’m thrilled with the color.  There are actually three sealant finishes on the sample board also – matte, semi-gloss and satin.  We want the floors to reflect a little bit of light, but both of us agree that the super shiny look might be a little much in the small space with all of the windows.  So the semi-gloss (in the center) is out.

Stay tuned to see what we picked.


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