Paints galore

With the bathrooms both tiled and grouted, we now have to pick paint colors before we can install the vanities.

What an experience!  Take two creative yet indecisive, strong personalities and put the ENTIRE color spectrum in front of us, and you get a LOT of splotches on the wall.

We contemplated a lot of muted, subtle neutrals in different hues.  Each color has slight gray undertones to it – grayish blue, grayish green, grayish taupe – keeping somewhat of a consistent theme throughout the house.

With so many different, beautiful colors, it was really hard to narrow down.  I think we ended up choosing some fantastic shades.

Painting commences next week.  Stay tuned.


4 Responses to Paints galore

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  2. Linz says:

    Where do you get all of the samples? I’ve only seen samples a few times for a few brands, but not in every color.

    • msjb78 says:

      We have a paint store near our neighborhood here in Chicago, Tybony, that has some samples ready-made from the vendor (in our case, Benjamin Moore), or they custom make samples if you ask. I think places like Home Depot and Lowe’s also have some sample paint selections as well. We also tried out a couple of Farrow and Ball colors, and they happen to have a location at the Merchandise Mart (for Chicagoans) where you can purchase samples.

  3. Luellen says:

    The swatches on the wall crack me up. I pick paint colors from the cards in the store. Maybe that’s why I end up repainting so often… Anyway, I’m not so sure having that many swatches on the walls would help me decide any better than the cards. I think once i saw that much of them I’d want them all.

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