I’ve been absent for a bit – but I figured I needed to get a new post in before the end of the year. We’ve been waiting on some deliveries: new windows, new siding and new roofing materials. I’m running out of patience. Yes, I know a project of this scale takes time, but I want it done yesterday.

The silver lining? Ayesh and I found our dining table. I’m in love with it. I am NOT going to post a photo yet, just to share the sense of suspense 😉 I will say however, this table is really cool. It’s old reclaimed wood that has wonderful character with a modern flair.

Here’s a couple of photos though: we’ve been taping out our space. we have outlines of where the kitchen cabinets, island and ow new table will go. we’ve placed the fireplace, upstairs closets and even our existing furniture in order to determine electrical conduit and junction boxes.



One Response to Holidaze

  1. John says:

    Consider me officially in suspense. I have a similar thought in mind for our next dining table (and whole interior aesthetic), so I’m very interested in what you’ve both sussed out.

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