Awwww, family photo

Work on the house is on “pause” for the moment, so that we can work out some kinks and wait for the windows to arrive.  This past Saturday my moms and sisters were in town, and so was my new, fantastic friend Kenny (Ayesha’s known him for years).  Kenny, an uber-talented photographer (also brilliant blogger of, a pre-daddy blog) took some wonderful photos of me, Ayesh and the house.


2 Responses to Awwww, family photo

  1. seth says:

    Oh, Jess, the place is really coming along. I love the glasswork around the doorway.

    • msjb78 says:

      Thanks! The glasswork is actually original to the house – but we’re not keeping it in. We plan to remove it and try to preserve it so that we can either use it somewhere else in the house or display it. We haven’t quite decided yet.

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